Our institute has about 90 faculty members, all dedicated to both education in undergraduate and graduate levels and also research. The possibilities for our students are:

Traditional bachelor degree, made for students that want to have a solid education in the field of modern physics, with lectures both in theory and experimental sciences. Most of our students that conclude this course proceed to a masters or a PhD program, and are able to get positions in the best-ranked graduate programs in the country and abroad. Our undergraduate students will have the opportunity to join and learn from several research groups available here at our institute. Also, the contact with graduate students further enriches the opportunities for our students to get involved in research programs. This undergraduate course is designed to be concluded in four years.


We also offer a Bachelor degree in physics with specialization in BioMedicine. Here, in addition to the important lectures of the traditional physics course, the students will have special lectures in the fields of medicine and biology. This course is design to prepare our students who wishes to pursue research in the field of Bio-physics, and Medical-physics. The student can also join research groups in our institute that are currently developing project in many topics of this very interesting field. This undergraduate course is also designed to be concluded in four years.

A more specialized course is the Medical physics program. In this program, the student will also have a solid education in the important topics of modern physics, but, it will also have specific training for working in the very needed field of Medical Physics. In addition to the lectures offered by the medical school such as anatomy, cellular biology, our students will have specific lectures in radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, radiobiology and radioprotection. Also, the last two semesters will be in a hospital, working and learning with the professionals and specialists of the field. This undergraduate course is designed to be concluded in five years.

We also offer a specialization in teaching. Here the students will have specific lectures offered by the faculty of education, to obtain specific training to become a science teacher for the elementary and high school. This is a program, that is offered both as a day course or as a night only course.

Since 2013, our institute also offers the course in Physics Engineering.

Forfurther information about our undergraduate courses, please contact us.